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How much notice must I give to get my windows cleaned?
3 to 5 days is our usual lead time. It can depend on weather and season.
What time of year can my windows be cleaned?
Inside windows can be cleaned all year. Outside windows, the temperature must be 40 degrees or above. Outside Commercial windows are serviced year around.
Can I schedule a weekend cleaning?
Possibly. Residential, it depends on workload. Commercial jobs are often done on weekends. Call us, or use Request A Quote to check.
Are your crews experienced?
Yes! We have vast window cleaning expeience. Our lead foreman has over 15 years experience.
How high can you clean windows up to?
We clean up to 40 feet with our ladders. Up to 80 feet is possible with our professional water fed pole system.
Can you clean the staining off the gutters of my house?
Yes. We can soft scrub the outside to make them look great. (Additional fee.)
Why are some of my windows not clear, sort of fuzzy looking?
There are several reasons this can occur. A broken seal in the thermopane can allow moisture and air inside between the panes. Another reason is older windows being stained from years of dirt accumulating. The sun also can bake a window to the point of cloudiness. Window washing cannot solve these problems, but will make them look as good as possible.


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